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On last night's episode of "Tattoo Nightmares," Jasmine, Big Gus and Tommy, the tattoo doctors had their work cut out for them in this episode titled, “The Ladykiller.” With recent popularity of tattoos, the influx of shops around the country has left many people walking around with the worst tattoos; some have nearly ruined peoples’ lives, but the stories behind them are even often more bizarre than the tattoos.

As the episode begins, as the trio share a cup of coffee before the shop fills up. A young woman named Allyson comes in to see Big Gus. She has a tattoo that shows she was branded as SOLD with a signature under the sold sign. She would like Little Red Riding Hood with qualities of a girl and a wolf so she never has to be reminded of her poor choice. She told Gus she was married, divorced and branded in just one year. While getting her tattoo, she passes out cold, and they immediately call Gus a lady killer. When they finally revived her and gave her a cold drink and some candy to bring her blood sugar up, she was fine. When the tattoo was finished, the beautiful girl had a red riding hood, but wolf ears stuck through the hood. An awesome job.

Justin comes to see Jasmine to cover up a horrible tattoo in a horrible place. It looks like squiggles that were supposed to be flamed and a smiley face that states, Thank You Come Again and it is below his belly button. His wife cracks up every time she sees this, and it hurts his mood and is killing their sex life. Now with an awesome robot, he will be the super macho man, and no longer the laughing stock.

Tommy is visited by Frank, who was caught up by the wrong crowd in his youth. Now he wants to erase all reminders of this time, but not until the skull on his back is gone for good. Tommy asked him what he would like and he stated that he wanted a desert landscape with cacti and a lone piano sitting in the desert. So Tommy will come up with something to fulfill this unusual request. As he is doing the tattoo, he hears the story of how he got the horrible tattoo in the first place. He proved he was not a narc, by taking a hit of a joint, but it had to be laced with something heavy. When he woke up at the bottom of a dry river bed, the gang members left him beaten and tattooed. Now after over thirty years of the disgrace of this tattoo, he is proud of the tremendous job Tommy did to transform this mark of shame into a work of art.

Now thanks to these three amazing artists, there are three happier people are no longer victims of their "Tattoo Nightmares."

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