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April 1st marked the release of Tommy Bahama's 2014 "Collector's Edition" Major League Baseball shirt honoring the legendary Jackie Robinson.

The shirt is released in plenty of time for Jackie Robinson day. MLB has marked April 15, as the date the entire game will pay tribute to, not only a Hall of Famer, but also one of the most influential people to put on a baseball uniform.

Terry Pillow, CEO of Tommy Bahama commented on the their relationship with Major League Baseball, and how this collaboration can help pay tribute to those who have made the game great.

"Tommy Bahama is proud of our continuing work with Major League Baseball in honoring the baseball legends of our time. With our 2014 'Collector's Edition' shirt, we pay tribute to the great Jackie Robinson. Our long-standing partnership with MLB gives us the opportunity to offer our customers exclusive apparel that represents the time-honored tradition of paying homage to our heroes".

Howard Smith, Senior Vice-President, Licensing, Major League Baseball, couldn't be more proud to recognize a player that meant so much to so many.

"Jackie Robinson was not only one of the most influential players to have ever impacted our great game, but was an iconic, American who left a lasting legacy within our history. Through working with the Robinson family, we are proud to give the fans the opportunity to recognize this great player in a truly unique, fashion that only Tommy Bahama could provide."

The shirt will feature a vintage photo of Robinson in his timeless Brooklyn Dodger uniform. His career highlights will be printed on the back, and the "42" will be placed on the right sleeve, and the right front with his signature and the Tommy Bahama logo on the back. With only a limited amount available, each shirt will be numbered.For more information on Tommy Bahama, please visit there website. If you would like to see more shirts part of this collection, please take a look at Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle collection.

A big thank you goes out to Tommy Bahama and Major League Baseball. The impact that Jackie Robinson and these other players have had on the game is beyond words. The time and effort that goes into creating these means more to people than you could ever imagine.

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