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This is a unisex magazine. HOW WILL THE MONEY BE SPENT?

Our minimum goal is ,000 but we would ultimately like to raise ,000 to allow us to transition from a quarterly publication to a monthly publication more expediently.

Your contribution will be allocated as follows:

Editorial Design, contributors and copy-editingDesign and PhotographySecure one quarter of printing and distributionAllow for distribution of Sex The Magazine to retail locations such as Newsstands and book stores.

Here is what they say about their obstacles: Our biggest challenge is printing and fulfillment costs although the funding of our campaign alleviates this challenge. Should Sex The Magazine experience any obstacles that would potentially cause a delay in fulfillment, Sex The Magazine would first work to cure the obstacle, and then notify its contributors of the obstacle and curative actions in process.

Perks include subscriptions, T Shirt, and advertising.

You can support this project on Kickstarter here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sexthemagazine/sex-the-magazine

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