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Tennis pro Andy Murray was in the holiday spirit yesterday for April Fool’s Day. He obviously loves to pull pranks and he is also well known for his sarcasm. He used both of these in a tweet he sent out to fool anyone that actually believed it, and according to ESPN on April 1, even the BBC fell for the prank.

The Scot is without a coach after he and Ivan Lendl went their separate ways last month. This is why many didn’t put two and two together when Murray sent out his unexpected tweet yesterday making his announcement.

“And 2 avoid confusion like last time i will be announcing my new coach tomorrow,” he wrote in his April Fool’s tweet.

This breaking news made the British headlines quickly as the BBC, along with other news outlets, sent out the story that Murray was planning on announcing the name of his new coach on Wednesday. After the tennis pro’s camp confirmed the message was a prank, the BBC updated their story to reflect the jokester’s funny side.

This is certainly not the first time that Andy Murray pulled something like this. Just three years ago, he did the exact same thing saying that he was taking on Ross Hutchins as his new coach. Maybe April 1 needs to be the one day that people should overlook any announcements made by the 26-year-old Brit. Of course, in defense of those that fell for the joke, Murray did post a question a few days ago asking people who they would choose to be their coach. It sounds like he might have been already setting up for his April Fool’s prank.

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