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For gays and lesbians in Michigan, it was a time to celebrate.

The state s same-sex marriage ban was briefly lifted last month and hundreds of gay couples married. Some of these joyous unions were shown on TV news reports.

No one thought the love would turn to hate.

But it did for one 28-year-old lesbian who was shown on TV proudly marrying her partner.

On Monday evening, the woman was attacked by three men who had seen that TV report and had recognized her for marrying another woman on TV,

Now, the unprovoked assault is being investigated as a hate crime, This after the three men hurled gay slurs as they beat the woman unconscious.

One of the males stated, Hey b----. Are you that (anti-gay slur) from the news? One of the males then punched her in the face, which knocked her to the ground and unconscious, the Washtenaw County Sheriff s Office said in a press release.

The unidentified woman had just gotten off a bus outside Ann Arbor, and was walking through a parking lot at an apartment building when she was attacked,

She was punched in the face and briefly knocked out. Then she was then kicked in the chest while on the ground. All three men ran off.

One of the men was described as a white man in his 20s, almost 6-feet tall and heavyset, with a low or husky voice, according to the Free Press.

The woman didn t get a look at the other two men, police told the newspaper. Her name is being withheld.

The men remain at large. When caught, the decision to charge the men with a hate crime will ultimately be up to the prosecutor s office, police said.

What do you think of this most intolerant and hateful of crimes?

Tell us.

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