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The furniture and carpet shop line on Miramar Road changed in March. Ashley Furniture moved its HomeStore to a new location, east up the block from the San Diego Design Center, the store's old locaiton. Built to have a handiwork look, and painted fashionable bright blue and yellow, and brown, the house topped warehouse building has its doors open to San Diego shopping crowds.

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  • Work selling furniture at the new location just started up. A large Now Hiring sign hangs on a freshly painted wall.

    "The world's largest furniture retailer" lined up sales signs in the showroom windows on Miramar Road to attract customers. In addition to the new floor space, the store has plenty of its own parking. And, a delivery center at the east end.

    Dirt still covered the front landscape line last Friday. A worker worked on getting the dirt ready for grass sod and plants. The new storefront, set up with benches, stands open behind a landscape line full of trees planted next to the street walk.

    This is a Front Story Clip.

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