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Have you ever wondered just how happy your dog is? Happiness means being content and well. Dogs most often wear their hears “on their sleeves” as far as expressing their loyalty and love of their humans. If you really want to make your pup happy, just take him or her on a shopping spree at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home and let your pet make some great choices, if it doesn’t break the bank.

Let’s look to see what a happy dog looks like, compared to one that is not so elated in life. A happy dog will exemplify signs of:

Sleeping at least 8 hours a day, including throughout the nightYour dog gets up early, looking for its breakfast and possibly a walkThe dog will be bright, active, alert and be demanding of your attentionMultiple pet homes interact wellYour dog wants to play, go for walks and be socialA happy dog will usually find some alone time chewing on toys and bonesAlways excited about meal times and anxious to see family return home after a long dayPhysically, the eyes will be bright, tails high and ears swivelingAs days end approaches, you may find your pet being a little clingy, seeking your company and sometimes some petting

The unhappy dog can be a little withdrawn and anxious. Dogs are not born unhappy but as a result of some type of adverse experiences. Some of the things that could result in an unhappy pet is inconsistency, unstable routines, lack of exercise and social interactions. When you bring a dog into the home, you have to understand it is a live being that will need love, attention, structure, socialization and family interactions. It is not just an inanimate object like an electronic, furniture or other items that are not much appreciated by a dog.

You don’t have to surround your entire life around making your dog happy but should think like a dog to at least present a safe, comfortable and loving environment. Dogs need to be fed, exercised, interacted with, handled and cared for. A dog may think, “how would it be to never be exercised, not communicated with or have nothing to do all day?” You don’t want to create the “unhappy dog syndrome” that may come from such lack of activities.

An unhappy dog may start exhibiting signs of sleeping nearly all 24 hours per day, which could lead to boredom and depression. There may be behavior problems that arise from lack of structure, such as barking, destructive, attention seeking behavior and possibly overeating. Unhappy dogs can be confrontational with owners and other animals. They may not feel the need to interact with owners and become uneasy to control or, on the other hand, can be stuck to you like glue, looking for love and acceptance.

Physically, an unhappy dog may have eyes that do not shine with excitement, appearing vacuous and dull. Unhappy dogs show negative feelings and can be anti-social. With proper care from the moment you bring your dog home, whether as an adult or puppy, you can create a happy, content family member. Knowing the basics, providing all the necessities of love, attention, rules, regulations and structure will guarantee a content environment and a happy pooch.

If you are looking for wholesome, natural and homemade treats for your favorite canine best friend, Led foot’s Pet Bakery near the Rockford area is happy to meet your needs. Check out the website at Ledfoot Bakery. Contact Susan Weitzel at 815 784-6358, Ledfoot Bakery Contact.

If you are seeking Veterinary assistance in the Rockford area, you can check out one of these at - Rockford Vet Clinics, Bellwood Vet, Rockford Veterinarians, Perryville Veterinarian , Cat Veterinarians Specialists

For all your pets needs and accessories in the Rockford area, go to your local PETCO - 6305 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 229-0184 - Petco or your local PETSMART - 6320 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108, (815) 397-7880 - Petsmart -Petland, (815) 332-4200 - Petland

For many of your pet essentials, visit your local Rockford-area CVS pharmacies. There are four convenient locations - 3134 11th Street, Rockford, IL 61109, (815)398-0048 - 110 S Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61108 - 3718 Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103, (815)877-9620 - 2454 S. Alpine Rd., Rockford, IL 61108, (815)399-5421 - CVS Pharmacy

For the grooming needs of your Chihuahua in or near the Rockford area, you can contact Sue at pupelv7@comcast.net for further information.

Sign up for my pet blog and let me know if you have questions or concerns regarding your pets. You can also find some of my recent petitions to help abused, neglected, mistreated and abandoned animals so please visit, sign the petitions and share with everyone you can as a way to help these defenseless creatures! Let me know what you think of my articles and if you have any queries. I have created a question and answer page for that reason. Let me know if I can be of help to you with your beloved pets – no question too large or small. Hope to see you at Animal Care Blog. Be the most educated pet parent!

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