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People don’t mind spending money for at-home skin care devices, but they want to make sure they are spending their hard earned dollars on a product that works.

With that being said, finding out which ones stand out from the rest takes time and research. Yes, researching unbiased reviews takes time, but combing through the right ones is well worth the effort. Also, leaning on skin care professionals, dermatologists, and even plastic surgeons are great sounding boards.

“One important factor to look for with at-home skin care devices are ones which are FDA cleared,” said a spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce skin care store and skin research center in San Diego. “Each person needs to look at the technology behind the device and see if it matches their skin care need.”

One of the top best sellers at Skin Care Heaven, the spokesperson said, is one called NuFACE Trinity® which has been described as age defying.

“This particular system offers micro-current technology which invigorates muscles beneath your skin. In turn, it helps reverse premature skin damage through facial toning,” she said. “Not too long ago, they invented an innovative Wrinkle Remover LED Light attachment which continues to get rave reviews in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Overall, users of NuFACE Trinity® have noticed the following facial benefits:

• Tighter and toner skin• Lifted cheekbones and more defined jaw line• Facial rejuvenation• A subtle lift around the eye and brow areas

“At-home skin care devices, including NuFACE, have made it possible for people to have their own spa at home; and, not only does it save us money in the long run, but it truly gives us the privacy and comfort at home.”

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