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One of the best ways to truly experience Nevada is to travel The Loneliest Road, the section of U.S. 50 that that goes from Carson City in the west to Ely in the east. Tranquility infuses the sagebrush sea along this ribbon of highway, and each town tells the story of the boom and bust of Nevada’s mining heyday. Stretching the width of Nevada, the Loneliest Road is a fascinating scenic and historic corridor through a land seemingly untouched by man.

Stops can include:· Get lost in Austin, a quintessential American town with small shops lining the main street and a historic saloon anchoring its west end. Here, miles of mountain-bike trails showcase the beauty of Nevada’s high desert.· Ely, once a major resting point for Hollywood celebrities on their way to vacation in Idaho, now sparkles with vintage neon and a classic American “Main Street.”· The majestic Great Basin National Park offers the solitude of the desert, the smell of sagebrush after a thunderstorm, the darkest of night skies, and the beauty of Lehman Caves.

What is the benefit of driving miles and miles of lonely road? Besides seeing beautiful scenery, meeting interesting people, ghost town visits, hours of quality family time you just don’t get when you aren’t trapped in a vehicle together, travelers can pick up The Loneliest Road survival kits. The kit contains a state road map and guidebook. Upon road trip completion, you receive a survival certificate signed by the Governor and a bumper sticker announcing that you survived this "uninteresting and empty" road. Though we guarantee this journey is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

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