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    WVJE Rules of Operation

    West Valley Jr. Eagles 

    Rules of Operation 


    The West Valley Jr. Eagles, herein referred to as WVJE is a non-profit association promoting youth football and cheerleading within the West Valley High School attendance area. 

    WVJE is open to all youth meeting the age and weight requirements, and who reside within the general established boundaries of the West Valley High School attendance area. 

    WVJE shall compete in the Northern Conference of the Northern California Youth Football Association, and shall be subject to the rules and regulations as set forth by these associations. 

    It is the purpose of WVJE to teach the participating youths the basic fundamentals, conditioning, discipline and teamwork as it pertains to full-contact tackle football, and to develop among the participants a winning attitude, which will be carried both on and off the field of play. 

    A Board of Directors, as set forth in Chapter 2, shall govern the operations of the WVJE program. In all matters of procedures not otherwise covered bythe Bylaws of West Valley Jr. Eagles or the Rules of Operation of The West Valley Jr. Eagles, 'Robert's Rules of Order' shall govern. 


    The Board of Directors shall consist of eleven officers who shall have equal voting rights on each and every issue brought before it. The officers are: Page | 2 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary, (4) Treasurer, (5) Equipment Manager, (6) Concessions, (7)  Director at Large 1, (8) Director at Large 2, (9) Director at Large 3, (10)  Director at Large 4 (11) Director at Large 5

    Each member of the Board of Directors shall serve a term of two (2) Calendar years from December to December. One-half of the Board members shall be elected in even numbered years, the other half in odd numbered years. Office’s up for election in even numbered years will include President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Director-at-Large 2, and Director at Large 4. Officers elected in odd numbered years will include Vice President, Treasurer, Concession Coordinator, Director-at-Large 1, Director at Large 3, and Director at Large 5. 

    Board of Directors Yearly Nominations 

    Nominations will begin at the start of the last two (2) weeks of regularly scheduled practice to include at least one (1) home game. This schedule may be modified to accommodate game schedules by adding or subtracting one (1) week. A locked box and nomination forms will be provided at the snack bar area. Nomination forms will include: name of nominee, phone number of nominee and the name and participants name of the nominating party. Only Members may nominate themselves or another member. 

    According to The West Valley Jr. Eagles Bylaws, Article II. Members, Section 2.0, “ Membership in the association shall be open to the parents or guardians of youth participants in good standing who are actively participating in the Association and those individuals 18 or older who actively participate in the association in some other capacity during the current calendar year.” 

    The locked box containing the nominations will be opened at the October Board of Directors Meeting in open session with at least a Quorum present. The Nomination Form will be checked for eligibility and completeness. Every attempt will be made to contact eligible nominees by phone within the following ten (10) days. Nominees will be asked to accept or decline their nomination. Nominees who do not respond will be stricken from the list. Only after a nominee accepts their nomination will they be considered “ duly nominated “. 

    Board of Directors Yearly Elections 

    Elections shall be held at the End of Season Banquet. The End of Year Banquet will serve as the West Valley Jr. Eagles Annual Membership Meeting. Ballots will be passed out, one (1) per member family in good standing. At the beginning of the banquet all persons duly nominated shall rise as instructed by the Emcee and introduce themselves to the membership. Ballots will be collected 10 minutes after the last nominee has Page | 3 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    spoken. Ballots shall be counted by two (2) persons of the membership selected at random with two (2) Executive Board Members (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer) present. Election Results shall be reported at the close of the banquet. New Directors will assume office at the Conclusion of the December Board of Directors Meeting. 

    Should any member of the Board fail to attend three (3) consecutive meetings the board may at that time elect to replace that member. A replacement member shall be selected by a majority of the remaining Board members to complete the season of any officer who is removed or resigns before expiration of the officer’s term. It shall be the responsibility of the Board to fill all vacant positions as soon as possible. 

    All Board agendas and meetings shall be open to the public, except those personal in nature or disciplinary cases; these closed sessions consist of information private in nature. Information discussed in closed session will not be made public, however the results of such discussions shall be reported in open session. Written minutes of the meeting shall be distributed at the following meeting. 

    A majority of the members of the Board (6) must be present to start a meeting. Only members of the Board may cast votes concerning issues brought before the Board for consideration. All meetings shall be directed by the President, or in his absence the Vice President. The President shall prepare and distribute an agenda of the business to be conducted at the meeting. The agenda shall include not less than the following: 

    1. Minutes of the last meeting for approval 

    2. Report of correspondence to or from the Board 

    3. Treasurers report 

    4. Old business 

    5. New business 

    Persons wishing to have items placed on the agenda must contact the President not less than one (1) day before the meeting date. Items brought up at the meeting may be discussed but no action may be taken until the next meeting. 

    The President with one (1) day’s notice may call emergency meetings. A majority of the Board must be present at the emergency meeting and only business that required the emergency meeting may be acted upon. 

    The responsibilities and duties of each officer are outlined as follows: 


    Overall responsibility for the operation of the West Valley Junior Eagles program. Prepares meeting agenda, coordinates and oversees all Board of Directors meetings. Maintains a hard bound copy of the approved Bylaws and any regulations approved by Page | 4 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    the Board. Prepares and submits correspondence from the West Valley Junior Eagles to other associations. Investigates all complaints and recommends corrective or disciplinary action to the Board of Directors. Responsible for attending all league presidents meetings, or having a representative in attendance. Insures that opposing teams are advised of directions to stadium and game times for each division are given at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled game. Insures that written reports are presented to the media announcing game dates and times, and submits post-game scores and statistics. 


    Coordinates game operations. Insures use permits are obtained, facilities are operational and personnel are assigned to operate all functions including concessions, gate, scoreboard, announcing, field crew, referees and officials, accessories sales, security and clean-up crews. Assumes the office of President in the absence of the President. 


    Maintains files on all correspondence involving the West Valley Junior Eagle program. Prepares, maintains and distributes minutes from all Board of Directors meetings, correspondence from the President or the Board to other associations. Organizes and keeps files for all insurance related material involving the West Valley Junior Eagles, including copies of insurance policy, claim forms, accident reports and waiver of liability forms signed by each player and cheerleader. Schedule all sign-up dates with the community center in cooperation with Player Agent. Mail notices to prior participants regarding upcoming sign-up dates. Responsible for printing and copying all forms for youth participants and players including but not limited to sign-up packet information and forms, tick sheets, certified rosters, adult registration forms, and letters to be distributed to parents or guardians. Collect association mail at post office box. Order Board of Director approved year-end awards. 


    Prepares and maintains all financial records of the West Valley Junior Eagles. Accounts for and secures all funds from sign-ups, concessions and fund raisers. Maintains the checking and savings accounts and prepares and submits written reports on the balance of each account. Prepares and submits reports an all income and expenses. Prepares and submits yearly reports as required. 

    Concession Coordinator 

    Maintain snack bar throughout season to include purchase of needed drinks and food products, establishing snack bar menu, preparing condiments before all home games, and ordering of food to be delivered by other vendors. Operate small snack bar during practices from start of first practice until jamboree. Maintain a clean environment in snack bar trailer. Inventory and inspect all snack bar equipment owned by WVJE Association. Report any damaged or worn supplies and equipment to the Board for replacement. Place equipment in storage at the end of season. 

    Equipment Manager 

    Maintains, distributes and collects all football and cheerleading equipment. Oversees team equipment in conjunction with Head Coach. Prepares and submits requests for new or replacement equipment to the Board of Directors for approval. Maintains equipment storage facility. 

    Director-at-Large Page | 6 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Responsible for assisting all other officers of the Board of Directors in accomplishing duties as needed. 

    Each board member is also responsible for coordination of set-up and clean-up of the field and concession stand at all home games. 


    The Board of Directors shall direct all funds, both incoming and out going, to be deposited and dispersed though a bank checking account administered by at least the Treasurer and the President or Vice President. The Board shall maintain the goal of a balance of at least $1000.00 in the checking account at all times. 

    Major expenditures shall be approved by the Board of Directors prior to items being ordered. No purchase shall be made if the account is below the minimum, unless two-thirds of the Board agrees to the need for the expense. The Board may direct those persons in charge of concessions or equipment to purchase items on behalf of the Board. 

    Minor purchases may be made without the prior approval of the Board. This policy shall apply for items less than $100 where the Board does not have a scheduled meeting in a reasonable time. The following officers may make minor purchases without prior Board approval: 

    President......................………May spend or authorize $150 on any item 

    Vice President.............……….May spend or authorize $150 on any item 

    Secretary ....................……….May spend up to $100 on secretarial supplies 

    Treasurer.....................…….…May spend up to $50 on treasury expenses 

    Concession Coordinator........May spend up to $150 on concession items 

    Fundraising Coordinator........May spend up to $50 on fundraising items 

    Cheerleading Coordinator......May spend up to $100 on cheerleading supplies 

    Equipment Manager...……….May spend up to $100 on repair equipment 

    All authorized persons making purchases (major or minor) on behalf of the West Valley Junior Eagles shall submit the receipt as proof of purchase to the Treasurer. The Board may revoke the authorization of any person abusing this privilege. Page | 7 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Any person found to embezzle, misappropriate or divert funds or property intended for or belonging to the West Valley Junior Eagles shall be dismissed from all future participation or involvement with the Junior Eagles and where possible referred to legal authorities for further action. 


    The coaching staff of the West Valley Junior Eagles shall consist of a Head Coach for each football team and a Head Coach for each cheer team. 

    Head Coach Selection 

    Members interested in Head Coach Positions will apply by email or mailed letter to the WVJE President no later than five (5) days prior to the February Directors Meeting. Applicants shall submit a “resume” of coaching experience. Head coaches will be selected by the Board of Directors. The Directors may require an interview prior to selection if they deem necessary. Head coaches will be required to follow a training program coordinated with the WVJE Board of Directors. A Head coach shall be responsible for their team in its entirety, to include but not limited to coordinators, assistant coaches, team parents, and parents of individual participants. 

    Each Head Coach may appoint his/her coaching staff who shall be approved by the Board of Directors and certified by NorCalFed. 

    All coaches and their staff shall maintain acceptable conduct as an adult for the development of impressionable youth. Personal and physical appearance shall be neat and orderly at all times. All adults are role models. Profanity, slang or vulgar words will not be tolerated on or off the field and will not be used in any case. Players shall not be insulted, belittled or excessively disciplined. Any member of any coaching staff that violates these restrictions shall be subject to disciplinary action of the Board of Directors including, but not limited to, verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension or dismissal. In cases where immediate attention is required, an executive board member may remove any coach on the spot. The removed coach shall be granted a special Board of Directors Disciplinary Meeting at the Directors earliest convenience. At which time the Board of Directors will render a decision regarding the incident. 

    Each Head Coach shall be responsible for maintaining and accounting for all issued equipment. 

    Each Head Coach shall designate one (1) assistant coach to be that teams equipment manager. This designee shall coordinate that team equipment issues with the WVJE Equipment Manager. 

    Football head coaches shall appoint a designated weigh master who shall certify weights and eligibility during pre-game per NorCalFed rules. He shall insure that each player has the required signed paperwork on file, and coordinate with the player agent. Page | 8 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Head coaches and Cheer Advisors shall report all injuries to the Secretary and the President within 24 hours of the incident. Injuries requiring medical treatment shall be reported as soon as reasonably possible. 

    Each head coach and cheer advisor is responsible for the safe conduct of each practice. 


    The Board of Directors shall establish a participation fee each year for each player and cheerleader who registers. All registered players/cheerleaders are to be included in drills and instruction throughout scheduled practices. Head coaches shall have adequate staff to facilitate quality instruction, a minimum of one (1) coach for each eleven (11) players is recommended (not including the Head Coach). 

    Players and cheerleaders may not participate in any practice or game until the registration fee is paid in full. The registration fee is refundable only under the following circumstances: 

    1. A 100% refund may be obtained if the player/cheerleader has not attended any authorized conditioning or practice session. 

    2. No refund of participation or other fees if the player/cheerleader has participated in an organized practice or pre-season contest or regular season game. 

    The Board of Directors may approve a waiver of fees for those persons who show financial hardship on a case by case basis. These individual cases shall be reviewed in closed session of the Board. 

    All players/cheerleaders that have paid the required registration fees and meet all NorCalFed requirements shall be allowed to participate in practices, games, fundraisers, banquets and any other scheduled function. There shall be no 'cuts' from any team unless the head Coach can prove the player/cheerleader is a danger to himself or a liability to the team or association. Any player/cheerleader approved to be cut by the Board of Directors shall have the opportunity to request a refund of registration fee. 

    NorCalFed and Northern Conference rules state that all players shall participate in at least six (6) plays per game (no 'taxi' squads). Coaches shall make every effort to allow every eligible player in a normal game situation. Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension of the Head coach or forfeit of post season play. Page | 9 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Head coaches may impose disciplinary measures, such as suspension from practices, games, or other functions, pending approval from the President and/or the Board of Directors. 

    The Board of Directors may suspend a player/cheerleader from participation in and function bases on the severity of the violation. 

    Chapter 6 PRACTICES 

    Practices for player/cheerleaders are governed by the rules and regulations of NorCalFed. 

    All player/cheerleaders shall have completed all necessary paperwork, including an approved physical exam before any participation in any conditioning, contact drills or and approved function. 

    All players and cheerleaders must complete ten (10) hours of formal supervised conditioning before participation in any „contact‟ drills. Exception: Mighty Mite football players and cheerleaders are only required to complete one (1) weeks regularly scheduled practice to meet conditioning requirements. 

    Players or cheerleaders arriving late or leaving early or failing to attend scheduled practices are subject to disciplinary action by the head coach. 

    Head coaches and their staff shall insure that all player/cheerleaders are included in all drills, instruction and conditioning during practice. Coaches shall not leave “second team” players on the sidelines while working with starting players for extended periods of time. 

    Practice may not start until the date and time authorized by NorCalFed. 


    West Valley Junior Eagle home games shall be played at West Valley High School. The 

    President shall annually submit use permits for the football field from the High School, specifically the date and time of use and equipment required for the games. The President or designee shall maintain contact with the school person to coordinate the use of the facility. 

    The Board of Directors shall annually select the game start times for each division. Page | 10 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Recommended start times are 10 AM, 12 Noon, 2 PM and 4 PM. The start times shall conform to NorCalFed start times. Game and start times may be rescheduled due to field condition, weather conditions or long distance travel of the visiting team. If the location or start times be adjusted the President shall notify the High School, NorCalFed, Fire Department or Ambulance company and the referee association. 

    The Board of Directors shall ensure the following positions/personnel are assigned and notified of their duties for each game: 

    Game Administrator (President or V.P.) 

    Gate sales 


    Souvenir sales 



    Certified E.M.T. with related first aid equipment, or Fire Squad, or standby ambulance 

    All West Valley Junior Eagle representatives, i.e. the Board of Directors, Coaches and Advisors shall be issued similar shirts with the team logo and name embroidered on them. All persons wearing these shirts represent the West Valley Junior Eagles and shall conduct themselves in a professional manner without profanity or other detrimental conduct. The President shall remove any person from the game who is unruly or causes damage to the association or grounds of the school. 

    The President or designee shall take all reasonable measures to prevent theft, vandalism or other undesirable activities and shall ensure that the school facility is cleaned and all equipment properly stored at the conclusion of the day. Any damage, lost or stolen equipment or other incident shall be immediately reported to the Board of Directors and/or the High School as the case may be. The Board shall decide as to the method of repair, replacement or remuneration on a case by case basis. 

    Results of all games shall be reported to NorCalFed by the President or designee the same day of the event. 

    Chapter 8 CHEERLEADING 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles shall field a cheer team for each division per the rules and regulations of NorCalFed. Page | 11 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    The Cheer Coordinator shall oversee approved cheer coaches for the cheerleaders Head Coaches, who are least 18 years or older and are team mangers who direct the activities of each team. Assisting the Head Coach shall be at least one coach who may be under 18 years old. 

    The Cheer Coordinator shall submit a list of recommended cheer head coaches and coaches to the Board of Directors for approval. 

    Each team of cheerleaders are limited to the first fifteen (15) sign-ups for that age group. Each team may have two (2) mascots. All cheerleaders must meet NorCalFed rules and regulations. Tryouts are prohibited. 

    Practice may not start until the date and time authorized by NorCalFed. There must be at least one adult present for practice to start. 

    Cheer squads may compete in league or conference cheer competition as authorized by NorCalFed and the Board of Directors. 

    Chapter 9 FUND RAISERS 

    The Board of Directors shall authorize all fund raising activities for the benefit of the association. Any team or authorized person that holds or conducts a fund-raising event shall, at the end of the event and within ten(10) days, submit a written report of the event, the income, expense and profit thereof, to the Treasurer, including the receipts of monies expended and the net proceeds (cash). 

    All fund raisers shall be of good moral appeal and stress the benefit to the players and cheerleaders. Participants shall conduct themselves in a professional manner, and shall promote the best aspects of the association. 

    The treasurer shall keep records of each fund raiser, including costs, income and profit. 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles name, trade name, or trademark logo shall be prominently displayed at authorized fund raising events and functions. 

    No fund raising event or function will be authorized that in any way combines or includes minors in the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco. 

    Chapter 10 CONCESSIONS 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles may operate and sell concessions at all home games and fund raisers. Page | 12 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    The Concession Coordinator shall insure that there are adequate supplies of items that have been selected for sale at any venue, and that the equipment and facilities are available and operational. 

    All food handling areas shall be kept clean, sanitary and orderly at all times. Volunteers who staff the concessions shall be advised and adhere to these requirements. Volunteers shall be neat, well groomed and conduct themselves in a professional manner. 

    Equipment and facilities shall be accounted for and cleaned prior to and immediately following each event. Lost, stolen or damaged items shall be reported to the Board of Directors immediately following the event. Upon notification the Board of Directors shall act to repair or replace as needed. 

    The Concession Coordinator or their designee shall supervise the concession area at all times the concession is open and operating. The Director or designee shall insure the security of all funds collected at the concession. 

    The treasurer shall kept records of each concession activity, including costs, income and profit. These records shall show income and expense from each type of concession (T-shirt sales, raffles, food sales, 50-50 drawings, etc.). 

    All funds collected shall be accounted for by the treasurer and a board designee and deposited in a financial institution for the credit of the West Valley Junior Eagles as soon as possible after the event has concluded. If the funds are to be held, the treasurer and at least one other director shall assume control of and secure said funds until such time as the funds may be safely deposited in the West Valley Junior Eagles accounts. 

    Chapter 11 EQUIPMENT 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles shall supply to all football players all required equipment for full-contact football. The equipment shall be in good condition as certified by the equipment manager or shall be repaired or replaced. 

    The equipment manager shall keep records of all equipment, i.e., type, quantity, sizes, expected life and any factory warranty. 

    The equipment manager shall issue and catalog required equipment to each football player. Each player shall be financially responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment and shall sign forms listing the equipment issued and the approximate costs of replacement of each piece. Players shall not be charged for normal wear and tear of equipment, but should seek replacement of damaged pieces. 

    The equipment manager shall at the end of the season check in all equipment from each Head Coach who shall properly inventory each player's equipment. The equipment manager shall then properly clean, inventory, repair or replace equipment, then see to Page | 13 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    its proper storage. Equipment deemed unusable shall be placed in reserve, a list of this equipment submitted to the Board of Directors for replacement. 

    The equipment manager shall maintain an inventory of all items belonging to the West Valley Junior Eagles program. This list shall contain all parts of the football uniform, including pad sets, shoulder pads, helmets and related parts. This list shall be made available to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting in December. 

    Chapter 12 INSURANCE/INJURY 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles shall maintain adequate insurance coverage as specified by NorCalFed for the protection of the players, cheerleaders and the association. 

    The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall maintain the insurance policy, have claim forms available at all venues or events, and be able to explain the coverage or have a phone number available for the parents. 

    In all cases of injury requiring medical treatment, the President or designee shall be notified in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident, and to NorCalFed within forty-eight (48) hours. 

    The Secretary shall maintain a record of each injury submitted to the Board of Directors, including the date of the incident, type of activity, severity of the injury, treatment required, written notifications and disposition. 

    Chapter 13 AWARD CEREMONIES 

    The West Valley Junior Eagles may hold award ceremonies following each season for the purpose of recognizing players, cheerleaders, coaching staffs and volunteers. These events are restricted to the rules of NorCalFed, and shall not exceed these restrictions. 

    Trophies, player certificates or other awards may be purchased by parents for presentation to players and cheerleaders. Each player or cheerleader on the team shall receive the same trophy or award. There shall not be any 'special' award (MVP, Most Improved, etc.) based on achievements, statistics, or abilities, unless the award is presented to the entire team. 

    The Board of Directors, at its sole discretion, may purchase and present trophies, plaques or certificates to coaches, advisors, or volunteers. Page | 14 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 


    Persons wishing to register a complaint concerning any activity involving the West Valley Junior Eagles shall file said complaint with the President of the Board of Directors in writing. If the complaint involves the President the complaint shall be filed in writing to the Secretary of the Board of Directors. 

    All complaints received in writing shall be logged by the President, including information as to the type of complaint, subject of the complaint, date(s) of the incident, desired action, and any other pertinent information. 

    The President shall investigate all complaints and present the findings of the complaint and a recommendation to the Board of Directors for action. The Board, at the President‟s request, may appoint a findings committee for the investigation in accordance with League By-laws. The President shall advise all parties of the disposition and or action taken. 

    The Board of Directors shall be immediately notified of any complaints involving possible criminal activities. A closed meeting shall be held as soon as possible to determine the course of action. 

    The President shall keep a file of all complaints, investigations and actions regarding these complaints for the current year. The files shall be kept confidential and only released on a need to know basis. At the end of the fiscal year, the President, with consent from the Board of Directors, shall destroy the all of the contents of the complaint file. 


    All persons associated with the West Valley Junior Eagles are subject to the rules of NorCalFed and the by-laws of the league. Any Board member, Coach, Advisor or other person serving the league violating any of the By-laws of the West Valley Junior Eagles or NorCalFed or participate in any action deemed detrimental to the image, operation or best interest of the association, shall be called before the Board of Directors for a hearing where the Board may take action up to dismissal from the association. 

    The President of the Board shall investigate and recommend action for the Board to consider. The Board may approve, modify or deny the recommendation, impose a verbal or written reprimand, probationary period or suspension for a term deemed appropriate. 

    The President shall prepare and deliver, in person or by registered mail, a report of the action of the Board. Page | 15 Rev. 2.0 Feb 2009 

    Appeal of the Board's action shall be heard by the Board within ten (10) days of official notification. The Board shall review the appeal and any additional information and reply in writing within five (5) days. There is no other appeal or process after the first appeal. 

    Anyone who fails to abide by the Board's decision, shall be subject to full termination of membership in the West Valley Junior Eagles. 

    These Rules of Operation of the West Valley Junior Eagles Youth Football Association 

    have been certified by the Board of Directors on January 16, 2012 Ratified.