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This bathroom makes me drool. If I had the 20 mil to buy Bruce Willis' Beverly Hills Mansion, it would be mine, all mine! (Zillow)BEVERLY HILLS, California -- When Bruce Willis comes to Mobile in the next few weeks to filmthe megastar is going to have his mind on his money and his money on his mind.
Willis has a major real estate event pending in the 90210 at 1005 Benedict Canyon Dr.
The coveted zip code where the Walsh twins and their haughty high school friends cavorted in "Beverly Hills, 90210," is home to the gorgeous 1928 Spanish style party palace Willis is trying to unload for a cool mil.
The 10,000 + square foot L.A. dream house was initially listed at million this past spring. But no one was biting.
Don't cry for Bruce. He will still pull a hefty profit. Willis bought the house in 2004 for a paltry million.
By all observer's accounts, the eleven-room, eleven-bathroom mansion is in pristine condition; Like Bruce never even lived there.
Maybe he didn't. He also has an apartment in Manhattan and a handful of properties in Idaho.
Maybe the Bev Hills home was just an investment.
It would be a crime if no one ever used the house's bathrooms. They are steam-roomy, sparkling, spa-like luxury hotel bathroom fantasies.
Yes, I fantasize about bathrooms.
I could live in one of those bathrooms. Whaddya say, Willis? How much do you want for one bathroom?
One million, seriously? To live in a bathroom?
Whatever, Willis.
Anyway, the majesty of Willis' California castle had me thinking that perhaps we ought to offer some grand accommodation to his Willisness for his sojourn in our city.
And I don't mean to say Willis is some sort of snobbo who would demand such luxury while filming a movie in a foreign land.
He may be perfectly happy in a Battle House suite. Nicolas Cage was quite comfortable at the B-House.
But then again, he was like broke and probably just happy to have a place to live. (Just kidding, Cage. We love ya!)
What should we prepare for Willis's residential pleasure?
Perhaps a block of eleven rooms at the Battle House? That means eleven bathrooms, so Bruce won't get bored.

Should Bruce Willis take up residence in the Bellingrath Home? (Press-Register file photo)Or maybe he'd like to Bruce-ify Bellingrath Gardens and take up residence at the beautiful 10,500 square foot Bellingrath Home.
Maybe the Belligrath folks could call it Bruceingrath Home for the duration of his stay.
Where do you think a luxury-seeking Sir Willis should stay? Let us know by taking our poll. And please share your own ideas.

See inside Willis' castle-for-sale

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