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South Alabama students shoot short film "The Dreamers" at Greater Gulf State Fair (video)
Laura Fliegel, Victoria Blackmon, Brianna Bond, Stuart Sox, and Dylan Glass (in no particular order) starred in the student film The Dreamers. Photo courtesy of Stuart Sox.

MOBILE, Ala.-- USA student Stuart Sox wrote a script and it turned into something bigger than he ever imagined.

What started out as a group project for a USA communications class quickly morphed into a team effort to create something that showcased creativity, passion and art.

The goal? To create a film that young 20-somethings could relate to.

"The Dreamers" was filmed at the Greater Gulf State Fair. "It was a beautiful location," said Sox.

The fair granted the group of five free admission for four nights to film, with the exception of a few rides. "We couldn't have done it without them," he said.

Steven Spears, Melody Brickhouse, Erin Weninegar and Dylan Glass joined Sox in what he described as a true "group effort."Laura Fliegel, Victoria Blackmon and Brianna Bond also joined the project as actresses.

"Erin and I came up with the concept, I wrote the script and we all helped film, direct, and edit, do sound and anything else. It was definitely a group effort. I have to say that I was lucky by getting some amazing group members," said Sox.

It wasn't cheap to produce the short film.

"I spent around 0 on the film and a lot of time," he said. That money went to production, fireworks, balloons and other necessities.

"Even a short film takes a ton of planning," said Sox.

Scheduling filming for five full-time college students was a challenge.

"Filming took about three weeks," he said.

The theme of The Dreamers is simple for college students.

"At this time in our lives in college, we are all dealing with so much pressure. There is a lot of pressure to be successful, whether it be what your parents want or what you actually want," he said.

The plot centers around the concept of defeating social cliques and imaginging possibilities.

"As Mary says in the film We all have this pre-conceived notion that we have to have everything planned out. And frankly that s not reality. Life can bring crazy twists and turns. And that's why we have friends and family around us to help us through those times. That's what The Dreamers is about."

"In the Dreamers, the five main characters began the film with their own ideas and perspectives on life. But because they met each other, they were all changed for the better and had new outlooks on life," Sox said.

He hopes that the experience helps prepare them for the future.

"We want as many people as possible to see the film, and we want to know what people think of it. We want to improve in any way we can," said Sox.

The students plan to use the film as part of their portfolio.

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