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ORANGE BEACH, Alabama -- Rain doesn't scare Alice Leinhos of Corning, N.Y.
She has braved snow at Buffalo Bills football games in Orchard Park, N.Y. When the wind started to get gusty and the rain began to fall during the today, she didn't run like some.
"This is minor compared to football games, especially a Buffalo football game," Leinhos said. "It's a piece of cake."
Rain began to fall about 30 minutes after the Orange Beach parade started. The rain started off light, and then it became heavy for short period, but it wasn't enough to stop the good times.
Leinhos stood on the side of the road with a rain cap on her head as she waited for the parade to pass. Not far from Leinhos stood Evelyn Price, 55, and her grandson, Colin Manifold, 12, both of Robertsdale, under an umbrella.
Price said she and her grandson moved to Robertsdale fromIndianapolis. She said it was there first time seeing a Mardi Gras parade.
"We have never done anything like this," she said. "He's out of school, and I'm off today, so we decided to give it a try."
Price and her grandson were worried they might have to leave because of the weather. When it started to rain hard, they went looking for cover.
"Aww, all the people are leaving," Price noted.
After the weather cleared, Price and and her grandson returned to the side of the road. They were just in time to catch some beads.

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