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New social networks are accumulating the internet at a rapid pace. Some, however, have been wildly more successful than others have been. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all gained acclaim for their user interfaces and dynamic, yet drastically different, social interactions. So what is the "Next Big Thing" in social media?

, a social network that allows neighborhoods to unite, might quite possibly show up on the radar soon enough. Created by millionaire Nirav Tolia, the company hopes to expand past their recent landmarks with their once popular Epinions, which eBay purchased for 4 million in 2005.

About NextDoor

After selling Epinions, idealist Nirav Tolia expanded his interest in new social media outlets. In order to gain acclaim for the new project, Tolia knew he would have to think outside of the box. In the following years, Nextdoor was born.

An interactive interface for neighborhoods, Nextdoor brings innovation, security and clarity to neighborhoods. Reaching critically acclaimed points in neighborhoods watches, Nextdoor will begin to open doors as more people use the app.

Neighborhood Watch Just Got Better

Recent adjustments in the social media app have taken neighborhood watch to the next level. Whether online or using the app, users find themselves online with an interactive map. This map contains all street information and many property lines.

When there is something occurring in the neighborhood, a member of the Nextdoor social app can notify their nearby Nextdoor neighbors of the event. Such examples include:

Lost dog reportsBurglary/break-in reportsTrick-or-Treating homes with the best candyThe list continues with how you can notify your neighbors of recent neighborhood scares and information. Whether a person is determined to do some or simply getting to know a neighborhood after a move, it can be beneficial to use the Nextdoor app.
The days of social networking with people locally and, more importantly, with people you actually know are far gone in many mainstreams social networks. Facebook and Twitter offer very little convenience with finding people you know locally and many people find outsource and network with people they have never encountered before or are long-distance. While this is helpful for some, it can also be problematic for many.
Future Plans for Nextdoor
On Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Nextdoor announced its dealing closing with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and Tiger Global Management receiving funding totaling million. In order to secure this funding, Nextdoor needed to prove to new investors they were worth the investment.
Nextdoor, like any other business, needed to show growth in its company since its release in 2011 and its potential to grow even further. Investors require longevity and stock market increases to invest without pause. Nextdoor proved just this to their new investors.
Interact with People You Know
Nextdoor reduces this problem and allows local interactions to happen conveniently and promptly. Members of the community can have interactions with fellow neighbors with confidence they are speaking to the right person. Moreover, they have confidence they are speaking with someone they know.

The doors begin opening swiftly for the social network Nextdoor and requires an exponential amount of funding to continue its growth.

Statistically, the Nextdoor community has more than 22,500 neighborhoods involved increasing the number by 400% in the past year alone. In the United States, that amounts to one in every seven neighborhoods using the social media website.

After this round of funding, the company has totaled a funding total of 0 million, an amazing feat for a two-year standing, privately-owned social media website.

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