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Don't caught in the same old trends (BeBe Benjamin) Trends come and go but in some instances they appear to be stuck. I call these sticky trends. Be mindful that the opinions listed below are purely personal and in no way a reflection of the fashion views of NMI as a whole.
High low skirts and dresses have got to go this time around. Seriously, we've been up and down more times and more seasons than a ride at Six Flags. I...think...it's...time...to...let...it...GO! Do something different with the hemlines, please.
Swag sweaters. That's what I call them. You know the ones that hang longer in the front? Here we go again, but a roller coaster ride in reverse with the low high look. Hey, wonder what the combination of a high low skirt and a low high sweater would make? I shudder.
The half tucked top. You know how that trend began, right? Well, for those of you who are totally oblivious to urban styles, years ago young men started wearing big, blinged out, belt buckles like heavy weight boxers and wrestlers along with over sized white tees. They would tuck the tee behind the buckle and voila, a trend was born that has lasted way too long. Not to sound like an old school marm, but either tuck it all the way in or leave it all the way out. It's almost like walking out of the ladies room with your skirt stuck in the back of your tights, something about the half tucked look doesn't look quite right.
False lashes. The ones that look like a tarantula that has crawled around and around before getting stuck in carpet or something. If you don't know how to apply them, leave it to the professionals or apply tons of mascara instead.
Again, this is personal and may be subject to change but not anytime soon though.Tarantula lashes? Bad call. Spider ring? Cute!
And along came a spider (BeBe Benjamin)

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