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Tarnished brass brings back high school memories (BeBe Benjamin) I enrolled in JROTC for 3 years of high school. Shocked?You should be as I despise uniformity as much being given commands. So, why did I choose JROTC over P.E.? Two reasons. I didn't want to dress out in shorts and a tee and I had heard that the Phys. Ed. instructor was as mean as a rattlesnake and with my somewhat smart alecky attitude, it wouldn't have been long before I found myself camping out in detention.
JROTC was the lesser of two evils, so I thought. But I toughed it out for 3 whole years only to advance to the rank of Sgt. First Class. Pretty sad, huh? While others had a wide array of stars, ribbons, and cords, my uniform was un-uniform-like in comparison. Brasso. I hated the word. Why did we have to polish and polish the brass wreath on our beret until it shined like the morning sun? On many occasions, I would just borrow someone else's and leave my dull one home.
Fast forward a few years (you can laugh now) and Brasso is one of my best friends. I have quite an extensive collection of brass collar necklaces, cuffs, bangles, and earrings which need to be polished to achieve a high gloss. Brass accessories are now shown in high fashion publications, no longer considered "gold wannabes" and can be equally as beautiful. In contrast to that old wreath, I take no issue in polishing and polishing my beautiful treasured pieces.
These days, I have no one giving me orders. Ha! I have the freedom to dress as I please. Ha! And today, I getting my "Shine On", my way. Oh, something good did come from the 3 years of JROTC. I won a seat in Student Gov't using "Vote for Private Benjamin" as my slogan. Again I say, Ha!
Shine on (BeBe Benjamin)

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