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Lug soles take a hike this season? No way! (BeBe Benjamin) Rugged yet feminine can describe most of us. Even the most prim and proper can be a little rough around the edges so don't be fooled by the lace.
My favorites for the season are evening maxis worn as day wear, fitted cardigans and pencil skirts, you know, girlie stuff, but there is still that side of me that wants to wear a hard hat, a work suit, stilettos and and prance around a construction site giving orders. Yes, that's the same side of me that purchased a gold tooth while in New Orleans a few years ago. I wore it and one of my best friends gasped in horror before deciding to purchase one for herself. I still remember how we laughed and laughed about my gold tooth. Maybe it's the same side of me that had a fake tattoo drawn across my back that read "Nappy Model Inc." for an article written in January. I felt like a biker chick, all tatted up, even though the temporary tattoo transferred to my sheets the same night.
That's how I felt today, a little bit "tough girl" when I wore my British tan suede utility stiletto boots with the classic rubber sole designed for traction and stability. I added a slouchy man's sweater, skinny Cello jeans, and my look was complete. Well, except for the three gold chains (with pendants) worn underneath my sweater and two gold rings on the same finger. Lugged out is what I call it and why do I suddenly have the urge to play Tupac and leave my boot laces untied?
I'm Lugged Out! (BeBe Benjamin)

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