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The Heart Beat refuses to live in a world where Thanksgiving is relegated to That-Day-Before-People-Hurt-Each-Other-While-Shopping Holiday. That being said, Thanksgiving is typically not the best holiday for maintaining heart health. So, we've been doing the best we can over the past couple of weeks to pass along some healthy tips and advice aimed at making Turkey Day amicable for your ticker.

Everyone has been so nice to me this week! Strange...

If you believe that holidays are defined in terms of what's-for-dinner...then bird is definitely the word on Thanksgiving. How can you get the most out of your poultry and keep things relatively healthy? Check out the heart-friendly recipes below and find out!

An untraditional take on the turkey, this recipe could be your main course on Thanksgiving...or a leftovers option you can enjoy on Black Friday. Anyone complaining that turkey is too bland for their taste will certainly want to consider this dish, which involves curry powder, fresh ginger, pineapple juice and mint.

At least one major chain restaurant has made lettuce wraps a nationwide hit you know who you are, major chain restaurant. Anyway, don't you wish you could recreate that awesome taste, but without restaurant mark-ups and tips? Now you can. This is a perfect dish for all those turkey leftovers you are certain to have hanging out in your fridge next week.

If you favor chicken instead of turkey for your holiday bird fix, give this simple recipe a try. Anytime you can pull that cast-iron skillet out of the crawl space and cook something healthy in it...you're having a good day. Also, this is perhaps the only AHA recipe that includes gravy.

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