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Life or death? In Alabama, the one in the black robe makes that decision.

Alabama law holds that a jury's decision on execution is an "advisory verdict" only, giving judges the final say in a convicted killer's fate. The judges in this state are the least bashful in the nation when it comes to the death penalty.

This issue came to light this week when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to to override juries and replace a sentence of life in prison with the death penalty.

Alabama isn't the only state that gives its judges such power- Delaware, Indiana and Florida have similar laws but our judges are the only ones who exercise their overriding muscles.

The law allows judges to override jury recommendations in either direction: from life to death or from death to life. Alabama judges have overridden recommendations of life 95 times.

But a few judges have chosen life: According to a New York Times report, Alabama judges have overridden a jury's death recommendation

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