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Welcome to the Daily Buzz, a quick and pithy rundown of the stories people are talking about:

Handsome man sues attractive wife over their 'ugly' kids: Turns out she had plastic surgery

UPDATE: The handsome husband in China was horrified. He claimed that there was no way in the world he could have kids as ugly as those produced by his equally attractive wife. He even pressed for paternity tests after he dubbed his daughter s looks "horrific." Turns out the mirror-challenged children were his, all right. But what happens next is unbelievable.

Tipsy Thanksgiving turkeys slurping up beer suds to enhance flavor: New Hampshire farmer swears by Budweiser bird feed

You might want to order your Thanksgiving turkey from farmer Joe Morette of Henniker, New Hampshire. He feeds his very happy birds beer instead of water. He swears that the suds enhances their flavor.

Check out this video to see how Morette literally stumbled upon his idea.

Crouching zoo attendants, swimming tigers: Two Sumatran cubs passing swim tests at National Zoo

Who knew that tiger cubs had to know how to swim at the National Zoo? Turns out these tigers must pass swim tests because of the barrier moat around their environment. It makes for some adorable video as the zoo attendants repeatedly put these beautiful animals in the water to see if they can swim, keeping their striped heads above water.

Naked photos of daughters, ages 8-12, are 'family portraits' claims nudist dad facing child porn charges in Florida: Do you buy it?

A South Florida nudist, arrested on charges that he helped take pornographic photographs of his three young daughters and shared them with other men, is claiming the pictures are perfectly natural and legally acceptable. Indeed, this dad calls the photos of the girls, sans clothing, nothing short of "family portraits."

Brian Martens, 53, who lives at a Palm Beach nudist colony, claims there is nothing wrong with the naked photos of his daughters, aged 8 to 12. The photos were taken by a neighbor who has since been convicted of child pornography. Do you buy his story?

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