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A former information technology director who claimed he was sentenced too harshly for stealing nearly 0,000 from two of his Lancaster County employers has lost an appeal to the state Superior Court.

Daryl L. Shupp Jr., 38, of Denver, Pa., claimed on appeal that a county judge didn't properly weigh all the factors in his case before sentencing him to 4 to 12 years in state prison in December. Judge Howard F. Knisely also ordered Shupp to spend 7 years on probation after his jail term and to pay 3,807 in restitution.

Shupp argued to the Superior Court that Knisely instead should have considered sentencing him to a work-release program so he could earn money to start paying his restitution.

Shupp was charged with defrauding the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County and Laser Labs. He pleaded guilty to 31 counts of theft by deception.

Investigators said he spent eight years as IT director for the credit bureau and stole more than 1,000 in a scam where he pretended to buy computer gear for the firm. The thefts resulted in the bureau being left with a "severely compromised" and obsolescent computer system. Bureau officials fired Shupp and contacted police in 2009, court records show.

After his firing, Shupp founded Daryl Shupp Computers, which he was operating when Laser Labs hired him as IT director in 2011. Police said Shupp was supposed to close his business after hiring on with Laser Labs, but instead kept his firm going and diverted money that was owed to Laser Labs to his own company.

In the Superior Court's ruling, Judge Sallie Updike Mundy wrote that Knisely "considered all relevant sentencing factors" in sending Shupp to prison. Mundy also cited Knisley's observations that Shupp's crimes amounted to a "deviant and calculated scheme."

As Knisely noted, the fraud also cost the credit bureau's employees their vision and dental benefits and forced the firm to institute pay freezes to cope with the loss of the stolen money.

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