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HARRISBURG The capital city s state-appointed receiver says he has no imminent plans to sign on behalf of the City Controller debt plan documents that were delivered to him by other local officials Monday afternoon.

City Controller Dan Miller signed a transition agreement related to The Harrisburg Authority s takeover of water and sewer system ownership and operations that provided for the transfer of 60 city workers, according to City Council's attorney Neil Grover and receiver Gen. William Lynch's spokesman Cory Angell. His failure to do so would have risked complicating those employees compensation packages, particularly their benefits.

It is unknown whether that alone encouraged Miller to sign because he hasn t responded to repeated requests for comment since Friday.

to sign the six other contracts and agreements before him.

After that, Lynch would be free to do so, Leadbetter wrote in an order

The documents languishing on Miller's desk are, according to Grover:

Waste disposal agreement and an addendum with the issuing bonds totaling at least 6 million to take over the city s incinerator to which more than 4 million of its debt is linked. The sale price has increased since first estimated a couple years ago due to produced by the trash-burning plant and a n

Water-Sewer Transfer and related shared services agreements with

Intergovernmental cooperation agreements with the state s Department of General Services and Economic Development Financing Authority. The authority is leasing Harrisburg s for at least 40 years through an agreement that will reportedly increase parking revenues to the municipality, and repay the county and Assured Guaranty Financial Management Corp. for combined claims exceeding 0 million related to

Miller reportedly agreed Friday to sign the agreement with LCSWMA during a conference call hearing with Leadbetter, city officials, the receiver's team and creditors.

But as of Monday afternoon, that hadn t happened, according to Angell and Harrisburg s Chief Operating Officer Bob Philbin.

We don t have any plans to execute any signature right now, Angell said. We re just seeking the ability to do so when need be. We don t have a timetable or plan to do that, but if we need to, we d need to notify the court we d done so.

Philbin, however, said he delivered the unsigned documents to Lynch within an hour of Leadbetter s order appearing online early Monday afternoon.

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