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HARRISBURG An exodus of city workers has delayed the release of the 2012 audit, officials said Tuesday.

Expected by Oct. 31, the publication of the audit should happen before the end of the week, according to Audit Committee members appearing before Harrisburg City Council Tuesday night.

City Hall financial personnel, with the help of consultants from Trout Ebersole Goff, will have completed four audits within a two-year time frame when the 2012 audit goes public.

It is unclear how many financial personnel were included among the workers who've left since outgoing Mayor Linda Thompson lost the primary election May 21.

Harrisburg's Chief Operating Officer Bob Philbin said last week just a few people have left since his arrival more than six months ago.

Others - including the Office of the Receiver's team - say it's enough that they need to develop some sort of alternate plan to deal with the thin staffing until

And still other officials - including the Audit Committee - say finance professionals' departures, in particular, have prevented the audit from being finished despite efforts such as former Finance Director Robert Kroboth staying on as a volunteer to help finish the job since his retirement a couple weeks ago.

The Harrisburg Authority Board Chairman Bill Cluck complained that these workers left after getting significantly - and costly - training from the Trout consultants before finishing their task.

I m really disappointed," Cluck said. I think it s important we don t make that mistake again. If we re going to train people, keep them.

Annual examinations of city finances occur annually, but the prior administration failed to complete them.

Those absent fiscal statements were highlighted in the report detailing fraud charges filed against the city of Harrisburg by the Securities and Exchange Commission last spring.

Catching up the audits also was crucial to getting a loan for the city to fix sinkholes and The Harrisburg Authority to fund half of its million wastewater treatment plant upgrade from the.

The PENNVEST money, however, won t be released until THA has all of its financing in place.

And THA cannot borrow the rest until the city has finished its 2012 audit.

A draft would suffice, THA s Executive Director Shannon Williams has said.

But as of a week ago, THA hadn t received a draft copy, Williams said previously.

Williams did not respond to requests for comment on when that will become problematic for THA, which faces a project start deadline of Jan. 15 as per its agreement with environmental regulators.

Williams said last week that she was seeking an extension.

She also did not respond Tuesday to questions about the status of that request.

as a result of the upgrade project and anticipated costs to deal with deferred maintenance on water and sewer lines. Their transition from city to THA ownership was completed Tuesday night with a unanimous City Council vote.

THA's board and staff will detail those rate increases and other financial matters during their public budget hearing Thursday. At that time, they'll also seek feedback from customers on which level of investment they want to pursue.

The session starts at 5 p.m.

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