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Editor's note: This story was updated to correct erroneous information about the pricing of Republic Waste Services proposal compared with existing waste disposal fees.

Some city officials got a chance to dive into a proposed contract to and found it not to their liking.

Executives from Republic Waste Services met with Harrisburg's Public Works Committee to discuss their bid to become the city's new garbage collector.Photo by Cate McKissick

from the four-hour meeting Thursday night with members of the city s recovery team saying the whole idea of privatizing the garbage collection should be put on the back burner until the new administration can come in.

Sandra Reid, chair of the public works committee, said she had almost 100 questions written down after reading the request for proposals. She questioned almost every assumption, figure and dollar amount in the proposal.

There are far more questions than there are answers, said Kelly Summerford.

Public Works Director Kevin Hagerich told Reid that the city could save anywhere from 0,000 to million if it outsourced its garbage collections.

Right now, he added, the sanitation department costs anywhere from million to million to run.

The bid submitted by Republic Waste Services in response to the administration s RFP calls for monthly fees of .59 per household for waste and recycling collection and disposal. With assorted other fees, such as for yard waste collection, would bring the monthly bill per household to .75, said Russ Knocke, spokesman for Republic Services.

City residents, said Knocke, currently pay a month per household for trash and recycling collection. They are also assessed a fee of per household by the Harrisburg Authority for trash disposal, for a total of a month, he said.

Republic Waste's proposal also would mandate that all commercial businesses must use its service, even if they have contracted out with another hauler; one day for Christmas tree pickup; four days for leaf pick up; no collection of electronics or pick up for more than six bags per household.

Plus, it would keep all money generated from the city s recycling.

The council and administration have already locked horns ove who has over the issue.

While the administration had prepared the RFP back in March, solicited bids and ultimately chose Republic, Reid said council only recently got to see the RFP.

I have been asking, what about sanitation, and only received one email dated Sept. 27th and only been told, we re working on it, she said.

In response to her questions, Harrisburg's Chief Operating Officer, Bob Philbin, said the reason council just got the proposal was "really just the way it went."

We have a fiduciary responsibility to the people of this city and the next administration, Reid said.

I will be so happy when this administration ends.

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