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MECHANICSBURG An unexpected, nearly ,000 increase to a renovation and addition project at the Cumberland Valley School District s administrative office was approved this week by the school board.

The change order was required once the old, leaky roof on the aged one-story building was recently removed and workers discovered that portions of the existing roof deck had deteriorated and were soft , according to district spokeswoman Tracy Panzer.

The deterioration is due to water infiltration, she said, while the underside of the decking showed signs of water damage in several locations.

The roof deck will be removed and replaced with a metal roof deck, she said.

The entire district office project has been priced at .5 million.

Panzer said the project budget includes contingencies for unexpected change orders, and is being paid out of capital reserve funds.

We do believe that even with this change order, we will still remain within budget on the project, she said, adding that the project is eligible for partial state reimbursement.

The original 9,930-square-foot district office building was built in 1972, and houses the educational, business, and human resource departments.

While the building has undergone minimal upgrades since then, Panzer said for the last 10 years there has been focused discussion on the need for a renovation considering the health, safety and welfare of the staff and visitors.

Problems have included sewer back-ups and sewer gas presence; inadequate HVAC, electrical and data systems; mold and radon presence; and not enough meeting space.

Renovations were approved by the board of directors in August 2011.

According to Panzer, the work addresses code, health, safety and infrastructure concerns, and an expansion of the building for the needed additional space for meetings and other staff members currently located in other facilities, helping to provide more efficient and effective services.

Construction began in February of this year, and is expected to be finished in the spring.

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