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poem below is a little something I wrote for a book project. Because I am an Auburn graduate, this version is told, of course, from the Auburn standpoint. If you would like to or even just a few stanzas, please send it to me at . Or, if you have a different Auburn version, send it along. We'll post some of the submissions on AL.com. Please keep it clean and, as Southern mamas say, "don't be ugly."(Note: The poem and illustrations are copyrighted. It can be shared but not reposted or republished without credit or permission)- Kelly Kazek

'Twas the Night Before Iron Bowl

'Twas the night before Iron Bowl

And down on the Plains,

The Tigers of Auburn

Were ready to reign;

Fans decked in orange, others in blue,

Stroll past Samford Hall,

With a wave, they give a friendly shout

"War Eagle!" to one and all.

The library lawn is filled with tents,

Just smell the barbecue;

RVs and trucks fill every space

And the side streets, too.

When the students finally stop to rest,

And nestle snug in bed,

Victory comes to them in dreams,

Touchdowns fill their heads.

Game day dawns cool and bright,

The Tiger Walk begins;

The players enter Jordan-Hare,

They are here to win.

Fans cheer the flash of Jumbotron,

They know 'Bama will be doused

By the shouts of 87,000 fans:

"We must protect this house!"

Then the Auburn fight song plays

As the band takes Pat Dye Field,

The players know they must live those words

They will never yield!

The Mic Man climbs atop his stand

Grabs his megaphone,

Shouting, "Boddagetta," then "Two Bits,"

He cheers his Tigers on.

Onto the field, the dance line kicks,

Aubie make us grin,

With a playful swing at Big Al,

Aubie always wins.

War Eagle soars, flies down the field.

In a graceful spiral glide,

Time for the battle to begin

Let's stop this Crimson Tide!

An orange ocean fills the stands

And waits for 'Bama's fumble,

This is Auburn Tigers' home

Welcome to The Jungle!

From a cloud of smoke the players run,

Here to stake their claim,

From the kickoff to the last touchdown,

Auburn owns this game.

"Glory, glory to Ole Auburn,"

The fans in victory shout,

When the Auburn Tigers rumble in,

The Crimson Tide rolls out!

They were heard to exclaim,

"On to Toomer's we go!

Happy rolling to all,

And to all, a good roll!"


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