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Texas governor Rick Perry, an Aggie alum, ponders Nick Saban's future with reporter (video)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, is given a veggie corn dog as he visits the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa on Aug. 15, 2011 on a campaign stop.
presidential candidate and Texas governor Rick Perry took a second to discuss the whole Nick Saban-to-Texas rumor before a TV interview in Phoenix.

With the , Perry asked ABC-15 reporter Christopher Sign about his alma mater. Since it was Alabama, the inevitable came up.

"So is Saban going to go to the University of Texas?" Perry asked.

Sign didn't think that was in the cards.

"I'm with you," said Perry, a 1972 graduate of Texas A M. "But what if it's million a year? That's some pretty good bait."

There's never been any job offer or dollar figure attached to the still-occupied position as rumors have run wild.

Saban has shot down any chatter connecting him to Texas on many occasions. The 62-year old says he's "" to start over.

As the Crimson Tide tries to again defend its national championship in football, no university may defend its trademarks and logos more vigorously than Alabama.

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