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Today, we see in the media the decisions made by our representatives at all levels of government. Some we agree with and others we do not agree with. Our elected representatives tell us they want to hear from us, but it is only a one way street.

How many of you receive communications via email on issues and ideas from your city council officials in advance of the issues coming up for vote? You hear about them after the fact and the decisions have been made. When we complain, we are told you should have contacted them or been in the council meetings to voice our opinion.

These same elected representatives ask for our support for them and yet most of them never communicate with you and I. Why? In the past decades, the U.S. mail was the means for this communications. This is the 21st century. Most of us have access to the internet and a email address. Again, I ask why they don t communicate with us? In my opinion, they don t want to open the door to those that may oppose their ideas. If you agree with them fine, but if you disagree with them as I have on issues. They become very upset and attack you for disagreeing with them. Oh, we hear from them at election time when they want our vote and our money but afterwards no more.

I challenge any elected representatives reading this to do the following. Contact the people in your district by snail mail and ask them if they want to be on your email list. Provide a email address for them to confirm, with a confirmation key, their answer. From this build a list. Communicate at least once a month with them on issues coming up and other issues that impact them. In your email system, set it to accept this list of email address s only as it will prevent other emails from overloading your system.

For those that would make excuses for not doing this. You want us to elect you and yet you don t want to keep us informed of what you are doing and asking for your input. This makes me question what is your purpose of being in elected office representing me.

Donald Dunlap


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