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Shopping for others: I just read in USA Today that some Wal-Marts in Ohio have put out baskets asking their shoppers to donate food so their employees can have a good Thanksgiving dinner. Wouldn't it be better if Wal-Mart just paid them more money?

The corporate way: I think it's a pretty sorry state of affairs when the richest corporation in the world can put out donation boxes to help their own employees. That's just greed.

Help where it's really needed: I heard that the Midwest got torn up by tornadoes, and it's 20 or 30 degrees and snowing up there, but who cares?. Let's go 3,000 miles where those Filipinos are; they're the ones who need help, to heck with us Americans. What are we talking about trying to help an American; let's get overseas and don't help any veterans or anybody in America, but let's go help anybody else.

GOP not so grand: I've just got one question for the GOP, and that is: why are they so against everyone having health care? Why are they so against Obamacare? Why are they so against another human being able to go to the doctor, or the hospital, to get medical care? Do they think that just because they have money to pay premiums they're better people than those who cannot afford it, and now will be able to go get medical care? That's a basic human need, to be able to be cared for when you're sick. And then they call themselves Christians. What kind of Christians are they? Is there another definition for it in their GOP handbook? Someone please answer my questions.

Give us all a break: Hey Mayor Kennon, I'm really glad Orange Beach is in the black, and can give the employees raises and bonuses, and buy new vehicles, but how about giving us regular citizens our special price that we enjoyed at the Rec Center? That's one little thing that the city did for us that kind of gave everybody a break, and let us know that we were appreciated for all of the stuff we have to put up with in the busy season. It's something for the citizens. I know you let the city employees go for free, but you said you had to raise our rates. We would appreciate getting our price break back.

Baldwin backup: I notice that Baldwin County always gets the benefit of Mobile and its tax base. Mobile spent a lot of money bringing Airbus here. Now they want us to build a bridge across Mobile Bay, so they don't have to stick around the tunnel area. I bet 0 they won't pay for any of this. It's just like when the Senior Bowl goes over to Fairhope and practices for a couple of days. What has Fairhope done? Has it helped renovate Ladd Stadium? Has Fairhope done anything to help the situation at Ladd, to help keep the Senior Bowl in Mobile? No. These people are opportunist snobs, who don't like Mobile but come over here to work, but don't spend their money here. I say no to the bridge; let 'em wait.

Light not so great: Yeah, I want to sound off about the light at St. Episcopal on University Blvd. It's now 3:47p.m. and I know these kids get out of school at 3 p.m. So it's 45 minutes later and the school zone is still in effect. And it's every day. I think the guard thinks it will go off on a timer. Meanwhile these poor people are stuck in traffic, or getting tickets left and right. And there are no kids anywhere.

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