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Tuscaloosa, AL - Tuscaloosa citizens and visitors have an awesome opportunity to receive discounts from many local businesses including restaurants, stores, car washes and other services. The MPAC Card is a discount card that looks like a credit card and works like a coupon. The MPAC Card can be purchased for and is good for an entire year.

The MPAC Card comes with a free mobile device app that gives the customer updates on the latest specials. The app notifies the customer instantly on deals that come through from the local businesses. The MPAC Card App makes it easy for members to plan out their day for lunches, dinners, shopping, and services. Members are more apt to visit businesses who have the best deals and great items and services that are MPAC business partners.

The MPAC Card has also decided to help non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. The MPAC Card is available for sell and proceeds benefit the organization. The MPAC Card has also made it easy for organizations to sell their cards from just a link they send out to email subscribers of the organization and social media followers.

We started on the Alabama Gulf Coast are in Gulf Shores, and we are looking forward to this expansion into the Tuscaloosa area, says Steve Smith, MPAC Card CEO. Like Gulf Shores, the visitors in Tuscaloosa are seasonal and are looking for a way to stretch their money when watching ball games at the University of Alabama. It also helps year round student population to keep on a budget.

The MPAC Card is a win-win to everyone! The consumer saves money and is treated with discounts, the non-profit can raise money for their organization in a real easy manner, and the businesses draw more and new customers to their establishment. This is no ordinary coupon book, it is an upgrade in the 21st century with just one card that fits easily into a wallet or pocketbook, and an app that is easily accessible for consumers and businesses alike to know the latest and instant deals that are being offered through the MPAC Card.

The MPAC Card is a game changer in the marketing and coupon world, says Michael Taylor, Tuscaloosa Area MPAC Director. The MPAC Card makes it so easy to feel like a VIP all over Tuscaloosa. We are wanting many businesses to get on board so we can bring new customers in their establishments, and help many non-profits in the Tuscaloosa surroundings.

The MPAC Card is giving away a free Beach Get-Away to the Alabama Gulf Coast along with other prizes for ones that download the free MPAC Card App will be able to qualify. Please take a tour of the MPAC Card at http://www.mpaccard.com/Tuscaloosa and can download the free mobile app for a chance to win an Alabama Gulf Coast Beach-Get Away at http://www.mpaccard.com/Global/Download-App.htm. Non-profit organizations looking for an easy way to increase funding please call Michael Taylor at (205) 792-1259.

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